Scratch Exchange

Bring us your Foreign Currency TODAY!

We are looking for currency that is still in circulation and not in circulation, from all over the world. Call us to confirm which currencies we are currently buying at (602) 633-4240 ext 179.


What a Great Trip, but…

You came home from a wonderful trip outside the country and now its time to unpack.  While cleaning out your pockets you find it!  Extra currency, but what can you do with it?  You can’t spend it here and you’re not sure when you’re going back.

What will you do? Sell us your foreign money.

We can help!  We are a Foreign Currency, Gold and Silver Exchange.  Bring it to Scratch Exchange, We pay US $$ CASH for

  • Foreign Currency, mainly
    • Euros (€)
      • Euro Paper Currency
      • Euro Coins 1€ and 2€ coins ONLY
    • British Pound Sterling (£) (ONLY current polymer banknotes-PLEASE call or email BEFORE mailing in older paper banknotes)
    • Canadian Dollars
    • Mexican Pesos (banknotes from the year 2000 to date ONLY)
    • Iraqi Dinar (ع.د)
    • Vietnamese Dong (₫).
    • Other countries but please call first
    • Older Out of Circulation Currency Foreign and US
  • Silver and Gold Coins

We also buy OLD FOREIGN CURRENCY.  If you recently found a drawer full of old currency we want to talk.  Please email, text or call to set an appointment so we can see what you have.

Bills can also be mailed in with our currency exchange form. We will NOT mail back currencies sent that are out of circulation.  PLEASE call or email if you have any questions.

How it Works

Step 1:  Find all your foreign currency, gold and/or silver coins

Step 2:  Call us, tell us what you have and set an appointment to bring it in.

Step 3:  Bring in your currency and we pay you with United States of America Legal Tender (US $$$)

Its that Easy!!!  Call us today at (602) 633-4240 and set an appointment or use our currency exchange form and mail us your unused bills.

About Us

Travelers ourselves, its frustrating finding foreign currency in your luggage after returning from a trip.  That said, we decided that we would start our own exchange and the Scratch Exchange was created.  We purchase foreign currency , mainly:

  • Euros (€) EUR
    • Euro Paper Currency
    • Euro Coins 1€ and 2€ Coins ONLY
  • British Pound Sterling (£) GBP
  • Canadian Dollars ($) CAD
  • Mexican Pesos MXN
  • Iraqi Dinar IQD
  • Vietnamese Dong VND
  • US Silver Dollars (Morgan and Peace dollars from 1878 to 1935)
  • All other currencies please call first.



At this time transactions at our Scottsdale, AZ Office are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call us and set a time to meet at our offices.  You can also download our form and mail in your currency. We can be reached by:

Phone or Text: (602) 633-4240


Please feel free to send us pictures of what you have. We are open 5 days a week.